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This is the page where I will be posting some of my own patterns which I have developed in almost 30 years, I began crocheting at age 4 and began designing my own things at age 8.

I haven't forgotten this site, since installing Win98 I have been having troubles with my publisher program. Thank you all for your patience.

Please do not repost these patterns on other websites.

Directory of Patterns


"Hill & Valley" Picnic Afghan.

Dad's Quillow

Hobnail Buggy Blanket, just for baby

the I.Q. Afghan, made for my niece Emily.

Checkerboard Lap Quilt. okay I know this isn't crochet.

Hair Adornments


Mini Scrunchie Pattern,

Bunny Ears , a cute Scrunchie that puts some "Spring" into your hair styles

Doll Clothes (18 inch)

Jumper, in Worsted Weight

Sweater, in baby yarn

Mesh shorts, in Lustersheen - I haven't had a chance to test the pattern instructions so if you have any troubles or questions drop me a line

Converted Knit

Dr. Who Scarf, just an approximation of a pattern I found on the web.

Wondering about Dr. Who? Here's a letter I got from a true fan about the good Doctor.

Special Stitches and Help

Special Stitches, this page has photos and explanations of the stitches I use in my patterns.

Tools of the Trade, ever wonder what the difference between a Steel hook and a Lettered hook? how about yarn bobbins? This page could help ... now I don't own everything and I may use some images from catalogs to explain them to you.

My other pages

Dustbunny Fact


Please do not repost these patterns on other websites.

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